Alternating Monthly Meeting times for 2017

ZOOM remote meetings: FOURTH Monday in Jan, Feb, April, Jun, Aug, Oct

Butterworth meetings: THIRD Monday in March, May, July, Sept, Nov

This SIG is led by Vicki Wassenhove. If you have a passion for photography
and would like to learn more or help others with cameras and photo editing, please join us!


Monday, August 28th - ZOOM MEETING: Full group session cancelled due to connection issues! May try a small group talking about Adobe Elements photo editing if you are willing to chance it. Let me know if you're interested.
Monday, September 18th - Meeting at Butterworth Education Center

We will be catching up with some new photo info, some sharing, and news about photo ops and classes this fall.

Included in this session will be a presentation by a young man, Sam Maynard, who has been invited to tell us about his drone photography and give us a demo (weather permitting, I presume).

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 (Saturday) 4-6 PM

Join Vicki on another Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk! Our local event will take place at the "Q-C Renaissance Faire", Illiniwek Forest Preserve, Hampton, IL. It's FREE, but you must register in advance. Details are available here:

Monday, October 23rd - ZOOM MEETING: To be determined
Monday, November 20th - Meeting at Butterworth Education Center


July 17th (Third Monday) 5:30 PM:
Butterworth Ed Center

Guest Speakers from the Q-C Photography Club answering the question,
"How Can QCPC Help You Become a Better Photographer?"
Presenters, Lara Grossman and Jackie Gerse

QCPC Website:

June 26th - NO ZOOM MEETING! Vicki is on vacation!
May 15th - Wildlife photographer, Larry Williams!
May 15th (Third Monday) 5:30 PM:
Digital Media and Personal Computing SIG

Location: Butterworth Education Center

For questions, contact Vicki by email at

To view larger image, see this LINK.

April 24th - ZOOM MEETING: Doug Jefford & Vicki Wassenhove on PHOTO EDITING in Adobe Photoshop programs. Fifteen members attended from their home computers!
March 20th - Six things you can do to learn about photography... Some of my favorite resources.
February 27th - ZOOM MEETING: Picasa, Google photos, Q & A
QCS Member Phil Simms sent this shot of our first SIG "in the cloud". He had an especially great view of the session from home with two monitors.

Five adventurous members who had asked to be included on our first meeting "in the cloud" joined my remote session on Picasa Collages this month. We could see each other face-to-face and carry on a conversation from our home computers. Later I shared my screen, demonstrated in Picasa and also shared a web album of samples with the group. Love this new technology and ability to meet without driving to town... Especially in winter weather!

Care to join us next time?

I'm planning another session for the fourth Monday of next month... February 27th, 6-6:45 PM. There will be a Q&A session, more demo, and perhaps someone will share their own screen for some coaching or suggestions on a collage. An email invitation will be sent to all QCS members in mid-month.

Our March meeting is scheduled for the THIRD Monday, March 20th at Butterworth Education Center.

No meeting will be held in December, due to the holiday break at Butterworth.

Want to try DIGITAL SIG sessions from the comfort of your home?.

2017 begins a reduced schedule for QCS. Our first regular meeting won't be held at Butterworth until March, but I intend to schedule some remote meetings on OFF months using "Zoom" technology. Participants will be able to join the sessions via their home computer, where you can watch, ask questions, and even share your own computer screen with the group.

It's easier than you think! QCS Board of Director Meetings are being held with the same technology. First session may take place as early as January. You can reserve a spot on any sessions that interest you. You will receive an email with topics and details. Possibilities for “Remote” meetings might include some of the following:

Picasa3 photo simple edit techniques
Picasa3 collages
Google photos (web albums in the “cloud” that are easy to share with others)
Adobe Elements - Getting started as a beginner using their “guided” section
Using “Layers” in Adobe Elements or PaintShop Pro
Restoring photos and “cloning” in AE or PSP
Sport photography with video from Scott Kelby
And any others you might suggest!!

Monday, November 28th @5:30 PM
Butterworth's Education Center, Corner of 7th Street and 12th Avenue Moline, IL

We'll start with some prize-winning photos and "show and tell", including "Super-Moon" shots from our group and others. Do you have any photos to share with us? Send them to me in advance and I'll add them to my PowerPoint.

Nomie Budelier, a former QCS DIG SIG member's estate sale was last Sunday. A few of us attended. Amazing collection! Included were some of her vintage cameras that sold for surprising prices. I'll give you a rundown. You might want to check prices on your own film cameras sitting in a closet at home.

I've found some recent inspiration from others this month, so want to share their work with you. There are a few creative approaches that you might like to try. Some simple Picasa editing allows for less realism and more "Altered Reality" in your images. One photographer friend, John Grossman, has shared an amazing composition with us to show how he created it step-by-step using HDR and layers in PhotoShop.

I'm learning to use "back-button focus"... I'll share what I've learned using it to take basketball photos. You might find a use for it, too.

Monday, October 24th @5:30 PM
Butterworth's Education Center, Corner of 7th Street and 12th Avenue Moline, IL

We have lots on the agenda!  Four local Kelby walks took place since our September Digital session and several of our walkers will be sharing their experiences and photos.  I'll wrap up this year's event and show you some winning photos from all local walks.  
Also on the agenda, I've learn a few things in a couple workshops recently that you could use in your own photography... First was held at the Antique Engine & Tractor Association -Working Farm Show. An all-day photography workshop with five professionals was lsponsored by Camera Corner. Another was held at a St. Ambrose football game with help from Greg Boll on sport photography.

I'll share some ideas to keep in mind to improve portraits with better lighting, some shooting tips for sharper photos, and a helpful graphic about the exposure triangle.

In addition, I've made it a point to learn more about Google Photos this month.  I still use Picasa for many edits and upload to Google Photos from there, but I'm liking how you can edit in their "cloud".  I'm impressed with the results and want to show you just how easy it is once you see it demonstrated.  Sharing photos and albums from Google Photos is also simple. I'm using Google Photos more and more and think that you may too!     

Monday, September 26th @ 5:30 PM
Butterworth's Education Center, Corner of 7th Street and 12th Avenue Moline, IL

Want to take better photos?

Professional photographer, Connie Inskeep, will be our guest speaker at Digital SIG next Monday, Sept 26th. Connie has a great "eye" for a photo and she has promised to tell and show us what she looks for in order to create her awesome images.

This is an especially good opportunity in advance of the Scott Kelby Photowalk on October 1st. You will get a head-start on finding eye-catching photographs on her Ben Butterworth walk... Or on any other photo-taking trips you might be taking this fall!
Hope to see you there!
Monday, August 22nd @ 5:30 PM
Butterworth's Education Center, Corner of 7th Street and 12th Avenue Moline, IL

"Retouching with CLONE TOOLS" (Part 2) and more!

This month, I'll go over more tips on "Cloning", sharing some techniques used on two recent projects. Send me any questions from last time and let me know if you want to share any of your own cloning efforts. Others can learn from your experiences. Since last month, I've attended a workshop on histograms and one on landscape photography, plus I've found lots of other tips to share if there's time. Also on the agenda... This year's Kelby walk options and APCUG's 2016 photo contest. It's time to enter both!

Get ready for another Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk on October 1st! To help you take great photos at this event (or anywhere), I've invited Connie Innskeep to do a presentation at our September 26th Digital SIG.

Monday, July 25th @ 5:30 PM
Butterworth's Education Center, Corner of 7th Street and 12th Avenue Moline, IL

"Retouching with CLONE TOOLS"
Cloning is one of the most incredible things you can learn to do in today's photo-editors. Even Picasa3 has some simple cloning abilities, but I will primarily show how I use Adobe Elements and PaintShop Pro. There will be more tips to share, plus we have a Best-in-Show win by one of our group to celebrate! Do you have any photos to share? Send them early if possible.

Monday, June 27th @ 5:30 PM
Butterworth Library

"Working with Selections"
We'll investigate how Adobe Element editing tools allow you to select part of an image in order to correct its color, change its appearance or extract something from one image to combine it with another in a composite design. It’s fun and not all that difficult with the current technology, such as rectangular and elliptical marquees, freeform lasso tools, Magic Wand, Quick Selection Brushes, plus we will discuss modifying your selections with settings and marquee options. We should have a little time for review or questions from last time, plus I will share your nice images taken at Butterworth last month.

Monday, May 23rd @ 5:30 PM
Butterworth Oak Room (with tables for laptops)

"Use of Layers in Photo Editing"
Bring your laptop for some hands-on help with our topic of "LAYERS". Being able to understand and use layers to your advantage is key to improving your digital photos. I will first show a quick 7 min video to explain the principles and then we will work on some simple layer projects I've designed for you to try on your own laptop. If you already use layers, please come and share what you've learned with the rest of us! Send me some examples in advance and we can show them that night!

While most of us are now using Adobe Elements, you can still work in layers on PaintShop Pro and most other full-feature editors. (Not Picasa!) You don't need the latest version of the software, however, as I'll be focusing on the basics. Those without laptops can pair up with others. ALSO... For anyone interested in taking photos at Butterworth, I have arranged for us to shoot in the garden and grounds between the Butterworth home and the Education Center. If the weather is good, bring your cameras for that photo op between 4-5:30 PM!

(Several of us shot some photos on the Butterworth grounds last night... A mini-photo walk! I'll assemble some of them in an album for next time. Let me know if you have some to share.)

Wednesday May 4th @ 5:30 PM
Butterworth Education Center

We will discuss some new fun things... How about a photo challenge for next month? Might be fun to show the results!!

Are you interested in some free photo instruction? I have some recommendations from others and some unlikely sources for posing tips and some DIY photo projects than could save you $$$.

More photo contests have been announced. Anyone interested in entering?

How about mirrorless cameras? Have you heard about them? I have some intriguing information for you this Weds and we could hear more from an expert in our second session this month, if you are interested.

For those of you with Adobe Elements or a photo editor with cloning and layering features, should we schedule a hands-on help session for a small group? I'll show you what I've learned in a couple recent projects to see if you might want to join. I might even try a remote lesson from my home so you could tune in on your own computer. Are you willing to experiment with that or should we do it in person at a regular SIG?

DIG SIG will not meet in APRIL 2016 as I will be out of town, but there will be two sessions in MAY.

Monday, March 28th, 2016 5:30 PM
Butterworth's Education Center, Corner of 7th Street and 12th Avenue in Moline, IL

OH NO! Is Picasa is Going Away??? In addition to my usual potpourri of photo tips, I will share new information about the retirement of Google's long-time photo editor, Picasa.... And it's not all bad news! I've been using Google Photos, their new program under development, and will be able to show how I'm using it to create and share photos in albums. I can also suggest some free or inexpensive software if you want to take your photo editing to the next level.

Besides "practice-practice-practice", I'll let you in on what I think is the best way to improve your photography knowledge and technical skills. There have been some great local photo ops and learning sessions to attend these last few months. I've attended workshops to learn more about wildlife, sports, closeup photography, and more.

Three Digital SIG "regulars" will be sharing some recent photos and projects for your inspiration at this session.

Click for the March 28th "Postscript" links

Digital SIG did not meet in December 2015, January, or February 2016.


2015 Digital SIG Events

Monday November 30th - "Camera 101": The Basics of Digital Photography
Special two-hour BONUS session: 6-8 PM - At Butterworth's Education Center

Are you still shooting photographs with your digital camera set to automatic? Our "Camera 101" session is just what you need!
A one-night basic photography class, led by MARTHA FARWELL of the QC Photography Club is being offered by the Digital Media SIG of the Q-C Computer Society. Marty will explain the settings and help you understand the basics needed to take your photography to the next level, no matter what brand of camera you own. It would also be a great review to assure you get the most out of your photography equipment. Bring both your camera and manual for help with your specific make and model.


Monday, November 23rd
(Our regular monthly Digital SIG session)
Butterworth Education Center 5:30-6:45 PM

JIM FRINK returns to DIG SIG to take us
"From Realism to Fantasy"!

See more of Jim's nature photographs

Monday November 9th "Bonus" session
5:30-6:45 PM - Butterworth Education Center, Moline

Connie Inskeep will talk about the photographic journey that she and her husband, Wade, have taken and how they had fun learning along the way. She will also spend some time talking about the Niabi Zoo Kelby walk. We can all learn things from Connie... She does a great job with her photography!

November 9th Session review notes:

Monday October 25th
5:30-6:45 PM - Butterworth Education Center, Moline

GARY STANLEY! Our October 26th Photo Sig will be called “The Joys of Photography”. Our guest will be noted photographer and former QCS member, Gary Stanley from Phoenix, Arizona. You may visit his website site at:

Gary specializes in Portrait and Landscape Photography and will demonstrate tips for better looking photos in both areas. Whether you’re using a smartphone, pocket camera, or a DSLR there are things both in camera and in post editing to make your photos pop!

Feel free to bring along a couple of your favorite photos either on a SD card or flash drive and we’ll show a few on the big screen and discuss them. The time spent together will be action and fun packed and you won’t want to miss it!

Another Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk Opportunity!!
Saturday, October 3rd 2015

See this year's Niabi Zoo Kelby winners here!
Our LOCALwinner and 3 honorable mentions are posted on the QCS website.

The Quad-Cities has two Kelby walks this year, ours in Coal Valley and another in Davenport. These events are held around the globe on that date.

QCS Members are invited to join me from 10-Noon on my FIFTH Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. Our 2015 location is Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley... What a great place for a "Photo Safari"!!
Photowalks are fun and educational social events for people who like to take photos, no matter what level you are or what kind of camera you use... From smartphone cameras to professional DSLRs. Social hour follows at Happy Joe's in Coal Valley.

You can enter your best photo from our Niabi walk to compete for a local Kelby prize. The winner here will advance to Kelby’s international competition for even greater prizes! To take part, you MUST register through the Kelby site. It’s totally FREE and is very easy to sign up. Just click on the link below (it will give you lots more details), then click “Join this walk”, and fill out the form…EASY as that. Here’s a direct link to the page:
You are encouraged to register early as the walk is limited to 50 photographers. Registrants will NOT be charged an admission fee to Niabi Zoo, but we will “pass the hat” for donations to thank the zoo for this opportunity. We also hope that you are willing to share any good shots with Niabi for their own use. That prospect helped secure Niabi Zoo for the first time this year.

Special Bonus: I’ve teamed with THE CAMERA CORNER of Davenport and the Q-C Photography Club for this year’s walk. They will provide some extra help, guidance and equipment if you need it to get a great shot.

Just who is Scott Kelby? Click his name to learn more. Worldwide Photo Walk homepage

Monday, September 28th, 2015
5:30-6:45 PM. Location - Butterworth Education Center, Moline

September DIG SIG session topics
All local Kelby Walkers (QCS members and non-members) are invited to a Pre-Walk Help Session.
Also... Preserving photographic memories for decades to come and more!

Monday, August 24th, 2015 @ 5:30-6:45 PM
Location - Butterworth Education Center, Moline

August DIG SIG session topics
Resizing images (for contests, email, web, etc)
Garden photography webinar discussion.
Google Photos revisited after the Geeks on Tour sessions--How do you like it? Do you have
questions that someone else in the group could help answer?
Scott Kelby Walk plans in progress
Contest deadlines
Drone cameras--A great new techie toy!
Monday, July 27th, 2015 @ 5:30-6:45 PM
Butterworth Education Center, Moline

July DIG SIG session topics
Were you inspired to take some shots after Bob Nelson's photography presentation on July 13th? Bring them for a "show and tell" session.
Report on some free online photo classes available by a couple members in the group
A free photography class coming up on this Thursday, July 30th
Geometry in Nature - Some great examples
Large group photography tips: A quick review... Learn from my mistakes when I tried it last
A great collection of tree images forwarded from Brian Brunsvold... If there is time!

July 13th 2015 BONUS EVENT:

Preceding Office SIG on 7/13/15, Bob Nelson, a very creative and expert photographer whose
work I really admire, will be a DIGITIAL SIG guest speaker for a presentation at 5:30 PM.
Bob will offer guidance to help you take some great photos close to home and in the Q-Cities.
This event is open to any QCS or Q-C Photography Club member.

Monday, June 22nd, 2015 @ 5:30-6:45 PM
Butterworth Library, 8th St and 11th Av Moline

June DIG SIG session topics
Show and tell: Share your images... Landscapes, panoramas, flipped designs, children, or others taken recently! Send them to Vicki or bring before class.
Free online photography schools? Any reviews yet?
Reminders we all need... How to get sharper photos
Want to reduce noise? A simple guide to ISO settings
Upcoming contests
Plus two shots from Vicki - Before and after editing

Monday, May 11th, 2015 @ 5:30-6:45 PM
Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av Moline

May DIG SIG session topics
How to improve your shots of children
Step-by-step panoramas-Three ways! Marv Wiederin will show us his fantastic panoramas and answer questions.
Lots of little tips, too!

Monday, April 27th, 2015 @ 5:30-6:45 PM
Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av, Moline

April DIG SIG session topics
Are your photos safe online? What can you do to protect them? I've collected some opinions from Gary Stanley, Doug Jefford, and others.
How can you learn photography at home? I've checked out some resources for you.
Want to take better landscapes? I've invited tips from Gary and some local experts.
Carry-over from last month: Any new "flipped" images to share? Send them to me in advance of Monday's session.
Monday, April 6th, 2015 @ 5:30-7:30 PM,
Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av Moline
Bonus Session: Basics of Photo Editing with Adobe Elements
The Scott Kelby Adobe Elements video tutorial will be shared by Vicki
Monday, March 23rd 2015@ 5:30-6:45 PM
Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av Moline

Miscellaneous digital photography tips
Personalizing photography gifts
Q-C Eagle watching - A national hot-spot
Adjusting your winter-wonderland images
Picasa effects: Negative and flipped designs
Simple panorama tip
Sport photography suggestions
Google + “Auto Awesome” animations

Vicki Wassenhove,, leads the Digital Media SIG.
Her background and interest in photography started early. Her parents owned and operated Swanson's Studio in Rock Island, specializing in school and wedding photography. She spent many hours helping her dad in the basement darkroom and learned to "tint" and retouch photos from her mom. After college graduation, Vicki became a high school art teacher but still maintained her interest in cameras. When Unit #200 Schools in Sherrard built a new high school, she convinced the architects to include a two-room photo lab within her art room so she could incorporate photography into the curriculum. She co-sponsored a camera club so others in the school could benefit from the facility as well.

A few years after retirement, Vicki joined QCS to learn about computers , but especially "Computer Graphics". Digital Media SIG at QCS further developed her interest in digital cameras and post-editing. When Norm Dunlap retired as Digital SIG leader and no replacement could be found in 2009, Vicki agreed to take over the SIG "temporarily" so she could continue to learn. Guest speakers have provided much of the learning experience for the group.

Following the mantra of all QCS SIG groups, Vicki hopes to make digital photography easy to use, productive and enjoyable. Many contribute to the learning experience of the group, by sharing tips or sites they've found beneficial.

If you have a new camera or are fascinated by the new era of digital photography, make a note of attending the Digital Media SIG. You may be glad you did.


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