Monday, November 24th, 2014 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av Moline

 Sharing, printing and matting your digital photography

Sharing and editing on Google+ web albums
Ordering and printing your images
Matting your printed images
Resizing and editing review in Picasa3

For advanced planning, there will be no Digital SIG in December, January, or February. This is my final session for 2014.


Monday, October 27th, 2014

Agenda: Scott Kelby Follow-up, voting, tips on settings for wildlife photography, Picasa edits, Google+ and Auto-Awesome.


No September meeting- Tablet SIG filled the slot.

Monday, August 25th, 2014 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av Moline

Our August session includes some special photos sent from Brian Brunsvold, a preview of a newly published book on eagles by Gloria Keesler (one of our February 2013 guest speakers), plus some information about signing up for my 2014 Scott Kelby Walk on October 11th. I will also share a few tips I've learned at recent photo workshops.

There will be no Digital SIG on September 22nd, while I am busy with Scott Kelby preparations. Instead, Judi McDowell will be teaching a Tablet SIG in its place.

I have scheduled Brian Brunsvold for a QCS member hands-on Adobe Elements lab session at the Blackhawk College Outreach Center, as many had expressed an interest after seeing his presentation at the June Digital SIG. The date is Saturday, October 4th, probably 1:30-4 PM. There is a limit of 10 students at computers. Email
VICKI for details or registration.

For advanced planning, there will be no Digital SIG in December, January, or February. My final sessions for 2014 will be in October and November.

Digital SIG Post Scripts – August 25, 2014

1-Brian Brunsvold’s Hands-On Adobe Elements Photo Workshop will be Saturday, October 4th.
2-Winners and entries shown from the recent APCUG Photo Contest. Here is an alternate site to access the 2014 APCUG Photo Contest.pdf
3-Channel Cat Photo Lecture, reviewed by Helen Landrum and Sharon Mack
4-Preview of a brand-new book on eagles, Spirited Flight, self-published by Gloria Keeslar (one of our February 2013 guest speakers), using Blurb.com: http://www.blurb.com/b/5450442-spirited-flight
5-“Photos Need No Captions”, A PowerPoint Show of forwarded photos by from Brian Brunsvold.
6-For information about and signing up for my 2014 Scott Kelby Walk on October 11th, go to: http://kelbyone.com/photowalk/walk/muscatine-ia-united-states-starting-at-pine-creek-grist-mill/ .
7-Sunflower Shooters – Slides from Vicki using Google+ or Picasa Web Albums

No Digital SIG in December, January, or February. My final sessions for 2014 will be October and November.
Next month, Judi McDowell will hold a “Tablets” SIG in its place. Also, next month’s Internet SIG on September 15th may be something of interest for photography editing enthusiasts! Watch for the announcement!
Monday, July 28th, 2014 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av Moline

July's SIG Agenda: "Hang Out" with Geeks on Tour

Our favorite traveling techs, Jim and Chris Guld, are returning to QCS to answer more of your questions! Their session will be held via a remote connection, called a Google "Hangout", at this Digital SIG.

Since the G.O.T. visit in early June, I've had a few additional questions from members about "sharing" photos. I've done a little work on this, but know Chris and Jim could explain it better! They are willing to clarify some key points about the use of web albums, Dropbox, downsizing photos, how to share these albums with others
Let's give the Geeks a little head-start on any specific questions, if possible. Email me your requests in the next few days and I will forward them.

Do you have questions on any other GOT topics? Time permitting, they are willing to help with those, too.

It might also be of interest for you to see how these Google "Hangouts" are done. The Gulds have been holding weekly sessions using the technology to broadcast the programs nationally. Hangouts might be something you might want to try personally or QCS might find useful for broadcasting SIGs. Just think... With a remote session, you could stay home in bad weather and still view a SIG from the comfort of home!

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Library, 8th St and 11th Av Moline

June's SIG Agenda: Brian Brunsvold, Guest speaker

Mark your calendars for a special event at June 23rd's Digital SIG!

I am very pleased to announce that Brian Brunsvold will be our guest speaker next Monday. Brian is one of the most accomplished photographers in the Q-C Photography Club, winning many local and regional awards. In addition to his ability with a camera to produce outstanding and creative images, Brian is also a terrific teacher from beginner topics (Camera 101) to photo editing and more advanced concepts. I try not to miss any of his classes and he is one of my favorite "go-to" people whenever I need a digital photography question answered.

Brian will be sharing a potpourri of short tips and should be able to answer any of our questions off the cuff. I think you will also enjoy his light-hearted sense of humor. This month's Digital SIG will be a session you don't want to miss.

Are you interested in photography or geocaching? Here's a great way to do both!

Monday, April 28th, 2014 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th Av Moline

April's SIG Agenda: Preliminaries and getting ready!

Our Digital SIG April 28th session will give you some tips and answer your questions. At this meeting, ANDY OLSON (Geocache expert from the April General Meeting of QCS) and VICKI WASSENHOVE will help us prepare for a fun event planned in May. Beginners are especially welcome!

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 @ 5:30-7:00 PM, Black Hawk College Campus. East Moline

May's Event: Photo Walk and Geocache Treasure Hunt Combination
(Due to the Memorial Day holiday on May 26th there will be NO Digital SIG and NO Personal Computing SIG at Butterworth.)

Bring your cameras and a sense of adventure on May 31st. There should be plenty of photo ops on the Black Hawk College Campus, in addition to the treasure hunt.

Please note:
Andy has promised easier geocache tasks and terrain for those of us who need it!

This event is FREE!!
Bring a friend--No age limit-- No advanced registration!

Here are all the details from Andy about the May 31st event

The BHC Police will not be issuing parking tickets again until August. We will meet in parking lot 3 which is by building 3 where the swimming pool is. There are rest/locker rooms, water, vending machines, and picnic tables nearby.

Rain or shine, wear clothing appropriate to the weather. There are a few locations that could be muddy. There are a few Geocaches in the woods so people might want to wear pants.

I submitted this event as a "
Cache In Trash Out" event. Bring a grocery bag for picking up trash. Geocachers are encouraged to pick up areas as they Geocache. I'll bring some garbage bags as well.

Bring a pen for signing the Geocache logs. Sometimes tweezers might be used when extracting log sheets.

A GPS receiver is not required. If anyone has one including a car GPS, I could probably help figure out how to use it to find Geocaches. Extra batteries is wise to bring with. We will have a couple GPSr and experienced GC'ers.

I will supply hard copies of the Geocaches that will include the names, descriptions, terrain/difficulty, container size, coordinates, and a map of the area.
Any other items people want to bring is up to them. I typically would bring a water bottle with me and not drink a single drop. From past experience I typically keep some band-aids and kleenex in my fanny pack. I sometimes carry SWAG so my kids can trade for items in containers that are large enough for SWAG.

If you are new to this hobby, here is a terrific handout on basics from Andy.

Link to updated details and map


Monday, March 24th, 2014 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center
7th Street and 12th Avenue

"Show-and-Tell Good-bye to Winter Party"
What have you doneto keep your photography interest alive and well during this past LONG WINTER?
Have you braved the brutal temperatures and heavy snowfalls to shoot outdoors? Or what photography subjects have you found indoors? You're welcome to bring some samples of your images!

Have you learned something new about photography over the winter that you could share with the group? Did you take a class, read a book, or participate in a workshop that was worthwhile? You're invited to tell us about it!

What Picasa "collage" projects have you tried since our November session? Or what improvements to your shooting did you make after Norm Dunlap's tips in February? What other photo projects have you worked on?

If you're doing some photo editing or using some software to enhance your work, how about sharing some examples or telling us what the program can do? Before and after shots would be great.

Did you buy any new camera or equipment in the last 6 months? What are some of its best features?

OR... Maybe you've found a good website(s) about Digital Photography. Bring or send me the link so we can
check it out in class

This month is all about sharing, so please help me with the agenda! I'll have a few items and coming attractions to mention if there's time, but we'd rather hear what YOU have been doing! I'll put on the coffee pot and you are welcome to bring cookies or other treats to share. Let's make this a fun session to celebrate the end of winter. Hope to see you there!.

3/24/14 Post Scripts for Digital SIG:
Thanks for attending and a special thanks to those who shared
their photography, tips, or treats!

Seeing in Macro (source of some images to start the 3/24 DIG SIG session)

Jean Smith tutorials:
Common Posing Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Common Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Common Photo Editing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Fred Miranda:
You need to sign up to register first, but this link should then take you to the sales listing of photographic equipment at Fred Miranda: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/board/10

Canon Price Watch:
http://www.canonprice watch.com is the homepage for finding new deals on Canon equipment, but you can bypass that and go straight to the listing of new, used or refurbished cameras, lenses, and other essentials by using this link: http://www.canonpricewatch.com./prices/


Monday, February 24th, 2014 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center
7th Street and 12th Avenue, Moline

Norman Dunlap* , our guest speaker for February, sent this preview of his talk:

"Hold it!" **flash** "I think you're gonna' like this picture."

That was the opening scene from The Bob Cummings Show, a 1950's TV situation-comedy about a photographer who also had a computer -- not for business, but to keep track of his dates with the many models he photographed. I think that show sparked my interest in photography, and later, in computers.

Cameras, a computer, a bevy of pretty girls...what more could a teen-age boy want?

But most of us don't shoot models, so we're faced with deciding what makes a good photo. Is it just a way of looking at a scene or a situation? Can we make a scene or subject better by changing our viewpoint or how we show it? I'll discuss those topics, and show photos to illustrate some of the points I feel we need to consider. I'll touch on viewpoint, framing, and leading the viewer into the picture...points I feel can make photos interesting instead of mundane.

The presentation will predominantly be my opinions about shooting and how to make your photos better, whether you're shooting a portrait, an action shot, or a scenic view. And I'll illustrate the points with photos I've shot and some I've collected that accentuate my ideas.

To paraphrase the opening of the Bob Cummings Show, "I think you're gonna' like the pictures."

*Norm Dunlap was the former Digital SIG leader at QCS. We love having him return to share his knowledge of photography this month!

The sheer size of the El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park is shown in this photo. Framing, scale, and leading the eye into the subject will be among topics Norman Dunlap will discuss at the QCS Digital SIG meeting, Monday, 24 Feb., 2014, at the Butterworth Education Center, Moline.



2013 Digital SIG Events


Monday, November 25th, 2013 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center
7th Street and 12th Avenue

"Collages made simple with PICASA".

Just in time for holiday photo sharing, November'sDigital SIG will show how to make a montage of images with Picasa, the free photo editing program by Google.

This is an amazing feature yet very simple to use. Join us to learn how easy it is to combine any number of photos and then let your own creativity and imagination go to work.

Vicki Wassenhove, who uses Picasa extensively for web sites, will demonstrate the collage feature and also review some of its photo editing capabilities. Images shown are just a few of the 100's she has created. Some gift ideas using collages will also be shared.

Class will adjourn to the "Squash Court" from 6:30-7:00 PM for those needing one-on-one help so we don't infringe on Windows SIG time. Bring your laptop and any specific or project questions.
Contact Vicki

Link to the handout and some "Post-Script" notes

Monday, October 28th, 2013 @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center
7th Street and 12th Avenue.

October Digital SIG session is a change of pace...

Guest speaker, BILL HANNAN, will present a hands-on learning session with Microsoft Publisher.
This is a follow-up to his July General Meeting topic, "The Computer as a Complete Publishing House".
(See July entry on http://www.qcs.org/events.html)

Bill Hannan has been creating, printing, publishing books on the computer for about 12 years and he's taught MS Publisher in his classes at Black Hawk College.

For our session, he plans to invent a layout and some copy plus some copyright free images so we are all working on the same project with his guidance. If you don't bring a laptop to the class, you could just watch the process and see how it works. Bill plans to provide CDs and review notes so you can go home and play around with it on your own.

Note from Vicki: Microsoft Publisher is a great tool for any home publishing project, from simple to complex, and I use it frequently. This session is a perfect opportunity to learn some new tips or just see what it could do for you!

Monday, September 23rd @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center
7th Street and 12th Avenue.

September Digital SIG session: MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY - Mik Holgersson
Mik will discuss his trials and tribulations in trying to capture a better macro shot. Macro photography refers to capturing close-up images of small subjects. While this type of photography opens up a whole new world of photographic possibilities, it also creates new challenges, especially concerning depth of field and light.

Mik Holgersson is currently the president and owner of Vildmark Inc., an upstart ecological consulting business he founded in March 2012. Prior, he studied art and biology at Augustana College and thereafter completed a Masters degree in conservation biology at Illinois State University. He has a passion for nature photography, and he especially enjoys crawling through mud and brush to photograph reptiles, amphibians, insects, and flowers.

Photo courtesy of Q-C Times

Note from Vicki: I recently attended a River Action photo workshop led by Mik Holgersson at Nahant Marsh. I thought he had a lot of good ideas, photos and experiences to share, so I asked him if he would come to our September Digital SIG session. I hope that many will take advantage of this good opportunity to learn from another expert photographer.

Monday, August 26th @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center
7th Street and 12th Avenue.

August Digital SIG session:
Part 2: Are you interested in CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY?

Last month's session on the topic was so well-attended, I've invited Jim Frink to return and he'll be helping with another "hands-on" photo session. This time we will be meeting in the GARDEN between the Ed Center and the Butterworth home. Bring your cameras (and tripods if you want) and you'll get to practice shooting up-close again! I have a "plan B" in case of rain! Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 22th @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center
7th Street and 12th Avenue.

July Digital SIG session:
Are you interested in CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY?

Make plans to attend the QCS Digital Media SIG session on Monday July 22nd, 5:30 PM when I will share what I've been learning about the topic for both point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras. I'm really surprised with the results I'm getting without buying a specialized lens. Most digital cameras have some "macro" capabilities that can be used for close-up shots, so if you've never tried it, you should.

Talented close-up photographer, JIM FRINK, will be on hand to assist. Jim has been one of my mentors in this learning process. I will show some of his extraordinary images and share several tips that I've picked up from him. He will help with questions and demonstrate a simple yet effective method of shooting small objects indoors. Bring your camera and manual. If there is time, we will help you try some close-up shots. I'm hoping for a good group to take advantage of Jim's expertise!

For those of you who missed Digital SIG in June because of the severe storm that afternoon, come ten minutes early (5:20) and I will re-show the photos from our June 2nd walk @ Ben Butterworth Parkway. Remember that we will meet at the Education Center on the corner of 7th ST and 12th AV.
Monday, June 24th, 2013@ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth Home Library on 8th Street and 11th Avenue.
June Digital SIG session:

We will be comparing images and notes on the Ben Butterworth Parkway photo walk, so bring or send them to this address (vwazz@hotmail.com). Please limit your work to 5-6 shots so we have enough time. If anyone attended the Milan "BioBlitz", your are also invited to "show and tell" with some of your best shots.

I will be expanding on how the time of day can enhance your photos and I'll be sharing some cool things I've learned from others since last April's meeting.

Also at Monday's session... I will preview what we are doing at July's Digital SIG... CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY. That month you can bring your camera and try some simple tips I've picked up from a friend. It's really fun!

Don't forget that this Sunday is the "Super Moon" event and you might want to try to take a couple photos of the larger-than-normal moon to enter in a photo contest. All the information is here:

Super Moon Bring your moon photos to share next Monday night, too!


Because of Memorial Day on May 27th, the Butterworth Education Center will be closed and there will be NO DIGITAL SIG IN MAY. We will substitute TWO PHOTO WALKS in its place.

Attend one or both! All QCS members are invited to join us. You don't need a special camera... Even an iPhone is OK!

I'm especially pleased to announce that last month's Digital SIG guest, Doug Jefford of Fresh Fotography, is hoping to attend one or both of these walks with us to help answer questions and provide some inspiration.  

Photo walk #1- Sunday, May 26th (Memorial Day weekend)

Heritage Days @ Pioneer Village Scott County Park north of Davenport. 2-4 PM. Their events begin at 11 AM and last until 5 if you want to go earlier or stay later. Enjoy period dressed “Friends” of the Village demonstrating folk art and also selling their wares. Some demonstrations include blacksmithing, basket weaving, broom-making, quilting, pioneer cooking, candle-dipping, weaving, plus so much more! There will be a shoot-out staged at the top of every hour. There is a $2 Admission fee. Flyer with complete details and a map: May 26, 2013 Pioneer Village Heritage Days

They are sponsoring a photo contest at the village this year, so you can submit your best works to them for possible prizes or recognition. Contact for questions: Deborah @563-328-3283

Photo walk #2 - Sunday, June 2nd Ben Butterworth Parkway, 6- 8 PM

Come shoot during the great "Gold" and "Blue" hours for photography!
Meet at the parking lot east of the Celebration Belle Riverboat. See the attached photo of the area. There is a restroom, swing set, and 3 little covered tables and there's a parking lot on either side of the area. The restroom building should help you locate the area.

There are plenty of subjects for photos... The boat, ducks, geese, walkers and their dogs, bicyclists,
cars, boats, river traffic, bridges, shoreline, flowers, and maybe some sunset shots if you want to stay.

Monday, April 25th @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth's Education Center.

April Digital SIG session:

Photo ops, contests, and a few tips from guest photographer, Doug Jefford. Plus the usual tidbits collected by Vicki.

My "post script" notes with web links are available here.

Monday, March 25th @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth's Education Center.

March Digital SIG session: "Show and Tell" Winter Photos, plus another potpourri of photography/editing tips and reminders from Vicki.

Post script notes with web links are available here.


Photographing the "National Treasure" in our own Backyard!
Monday, February 25th @ 5:30-6:45 PM, Butterworth's Education Center.

Opportunities to photograph the American Bald Eagle abound in the Quad-Cities!
There's no need to travel to Alaska!

Join us at Digital Media SIG on February 25th for a great opportunity to get first-hand tips on how to see and photograph eagles.

Gloria Keeslar and Debby Allen, local photographers who specialize in capturing the big birds digitally, will be on hand to share their experience and suggestions. The pair are enthusiastic eagle watchers who have used all types of cameras, from point-and-shoots to DSLRs, so all can benefit from their advice.

Both ladies have been actively following the birds and recording great images for the last several seasons. They are members of the Quad-City Photography Club and active in other organizations and activities that promote eagle awareness. Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn where to find eagles and how to improve your photographs of them.

For a sneak peek at some of Gloria's photos, visit her website: http://kritterkaptures.zenfolio.com

5:30- 6:45 PM, Butterworth Education Center, 7th St and 12th AV, Moline, IL

"Post Script" notes:
Information about FREE Wildlife Photography Workshop on March 9th in Camanche Iowa

Q-C Area Map for Eagle Viewing


QCS Digital SIG's Kick-Off Event for 2013:

January 28th, 2013 @ 5:30 PM

Guest Speaker:
Dan Garrett, Wildlife Photographer


This is your chance to gain some good working knowledge about your lens and how lens choice, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and focus all work together in your photography.

Program follow-up:

A copy of Dan's program "Camera 102" in a PowerPoint Show format. 1 MB download.

Dan is a member of these photography and "Meetup" groups in the Quad-Cities:

The Q-C Photography Club http://www.qcphotoclub.com/
Their "meet-up" group,
QC Amateur Photographers

Websites shared by others at this January session:

From Max D: A site demonstrating effects of color: http://deltavan1.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/colors-this-is-fantastic-2/
From Shari P: Impressive images by a photographer her dad met on a vacation:



2012 events, including some PowerPoints, have been moved to http://qcs.org/sig.digital.past.html

Digital Media SIG

Vicki Wassenhove, vwazz@hotmail.com, leads the Digital Media SIG. It generally meets the fourth Monday of each month.

Vicki's background and interest in photography started early. Her parents owned and operated Swanson's Studio in Rock Island, specializing in school and wedding photography. She spent many hours helping her dad in the basement darkroom and learned to "tint" and retouch photos from her mom.

After college graduation, Vicki became a high school art teacher but still maintained her interest in cameras. When Unit #200 Schools in Sherrard built a new high school, she convinced the architects to include a two-room photo lab within her art room so she could incorporate photography into the curriculum. She co-sponsored a camera club so others in the school could benefit from the facility as well.

A few years after retirement, Vicki joined QCS to learn about computers and especially "Computer Graphics". Digital Media SIG at QCS was a great place to learn the ropes and it was there that she developed her interest in digital cameras and post-editing.

When Norm Dunlap retired as Digital SIG leader and no replacement could be found in 2009, Vicki agreed to take over the SIG "temporarily" so she could continue to learn. Guest speakers have provided much of the learning experience for the group.

Following the mantra of all QCS SIG groups, Vicki hopes to make digital photography easy to use, productive and enjoyable. Many contribute to the learning experience of the group, by sharing tips or sites they've found beneficial.

In conjunction with understanding the Digital camera and how best to use it, the SIG also explores the software available to enhance, edit and publish your photography once you have created it. This SIG suggests Google's Picasa as a starting point. It is free, offers basic editing tools, and allows one to easily arrange and manage the images on their computer.

Later as one learns the basics they may decide to purchase software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro to achieve more sophisticated photo effects. Throughout the year the Digital Media SIG schedules field trips or photo walks to try out the features and technology discussed and learn from them.

If you have a new camera or are fascinated by the new era of digital photography, make a note of attending the Digital Media SIG. You will be glad you did.

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