Quad-Cities Computer Society.




For his ongoing contributions and dedication to Quad-Cities
Computer Society, we are proud to recognize our "Volunteer of the Year".

Joe was recognized at the February 1st, 2016 General Meeting for his 25 years of "volunteerism".

The QCS had submitted Joe's nomination to APCUG (International Association of PC User Groups) for their yearly Volunteer of the Year Award in November. There were 12 excellent candidates and even though their group chose another as their first choice, we strongly felt that Joe was deserving of recognition in our own society and proceeded to recognize him with our own award.

Some excerpts from our nomination of Joe for the APCUG award follow:

Joe Durham is our unanimous choice for volunteer of the year at the Quad-Cities Computer Society (QCS). Several members independently suggested his candidacy for the award. One even said, “This is long overdue”. All others heartily agreed. A member of our organization for nearly 25 years, Joe has always been a tireless worker and has volunteered to serve in many capacities. He’s a great team player and always ready to do more than his share without expecting recognition or reward.

Joe is absolutely essential to QCS. His contributions are many, but he has a particular flair for writing and has been our Newsletter Editor since 1998. We chuckled when one of us said, “Too bad we can’t have Joe write his own nomination!”

His monthly presentation reviews in “Qbits” are quite extraordinary and so thorough that you could almost stay home and still learn all that was covered. Many of our “snowbirds” are especially appreciative of his in-depth coverage of club events and activities when they are south for the winter. We also have members who don’t attend any meetings, but join our club just to receive his newsletters.

An avid reader, Joe always stays current on technical topics. He locates and shares great articles from user groups and other sources in addition to creating his own articles reviewing products or software for our monthly publication.

One member mentioned Joe reminded her of “Superman”. Until you get to know him, he may seem like the mild-mannered reporter that discreetly works in the background. You soon realize, however, that he is a strong driving force in our organization… More like Superman than Clark Kent! Once again, we agree, that’s Joe!

In addition to being the Qbits newsletter editor, Joe is our publicity director, making sure notices are sent in a timely fashion to the print and online
calendars in the area. He sits on our Board of Directors and is quick to volunteer his service on committees, such as the auditing and nominating committees, and other special teams as the need arises. He has also been a presenter at our general meetings.

Joe is one of our most “computer savvy” members in QCS and has helped many with technical issues. He personally uses Linux, and is our "go to man" when members have questions about this operating system. He has also led a Linux SIG. As always, Joe put in a lot of preparation time and did an outstanding job for that group.

Whether it's moving furniture for a meeting or helping someone with a computer problem, no task is too humble or difficult for Joe to accomplish without hesitation. One member relates, “Joe's attitude is so amazing, when I ask for help he responds as if I'm doing him a favor and when I thank him, his usual response is, “Oh it was nothing”.

When Joe reads an article of interest, he knows exactly which member will enjoy it and sends them a copy or link. He frequently sends little notes of praise or compliments to others if he enjoys a SIG or something they’ve done at the club. His positive reinforcement means a lot.

In addition to being a mentor at QCS, Joe also volunteers in the community at the Christian Friendliness Center, providing technical support and assistance with their computers.

Several years ago, Joe began going the extra mile for a visually handicapped QCS member who could no longer drive to meetings. Joe would drive many miles out of his way to pick him up, assist him into the meeting and return him safely home. Who could ask for a better friend?

Congratulations on this award, Joe, and a hearty THANK YOU from the club!

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